The 2015 FCHS Spirit Week: Highlights


(Photo by Bella Todd)

Jasmyne Singleton, Staff Writer

On October 13 we came back from a four-day weekend ready to celebrate Spirit Week. Even though it is shorter since we didn’t go to school on Tuesday, students still seemed ready to go. Dressing up in your pajamas, going back in time by wearing tie dye, dressing up like your favorite Disney characters, and even showcasing your class pride, excitement was buzzing all through the school. Teachers and students everywhere wearing creative ensembles seemed to enjoy viewing all of their peers’ outfits as well.  Here are some of the highlights of Spirit Week!

On Tuesday, everyone seemed to be ready to go back to bed. Well that’s only because it was Pajama day! Everywhere you looked students, and even some teachers, seemed to be wearing their pajamas. Varying from plaid to stripes to polka-dots, everyone was decked out in their favorite sleep attire. “I really loved the feeling of waking up just to get back into your pajamas, you know? I thought that was the best thing ever. Pajama day is a classic but it’s one of the cooler classics, I guess,” said Aqsa Riaz (12).

On Wednesday, you may have started to notice brightly-colored objects moving all over the place. The most logical reason is because it was Tie Dye Day! It’s basically a flash from the past, wearing brightly-colored, mixed-in clothing. Lots of people wore their older tie dye related shirts, from camps and different places like that. “Tie Dye Day is one of the few days where you could be extremely bright and colorful without anyone getting upset or something. I love wearing bright colors, and doing things that bring me back to my childhood is great,” said Mady Garcia (9).

On Thursday everywhere you looked Disney characters from all eras were surrounding you. All sorts of your favorite Disney characters were seen fully dressed out. From Up, Monsters Inc., Alice in Wonderland, and even Hercules, everyone participated to join this extremely fun day. “It’s one of my absolute favorite days this week, I loved dressing up and seeing others dress up too! I saw Nemo, a few people from Hercules, Tinkerbell, and even Tweedledee and Tweedledum! It was awesome. Plus some of the Math teachers dressed up as The Incredibles characters, it was definitely an amazing day,” said Kate Guardado (10).

The final day, Friday, brought out some inner rivalries as students dressed up in their class colors.  Freshmen wore white, sophomores were dressed in yellow for the sophomores, juniors were decked out in green, and the seniors showcased black.  Class colors showed the diversity for the different classes and showed just who was who. Not to mention the awesome pep rallies that followed in 7th period. “Though it might not have sounded like it, there really wasn’t any hate to any of the other grades. We are all accepting to the other classes, it’s just a competition, basically, to see who the best class was,” commented Bella Todd (11).