Car Of the Month: Leelee Jacoby


(Photo courtesy of Leelee Jacoby)

Ryan Clary, Staff Writer

The car of the month represents a lot more than you would think. It’s more than an article in The Jagwire. It shows what type of person you are and cars can have characteristics like yourself. The car of the month goes to Leelee Jacoby, a senior here at Falls Church High School. The car is a 1999 Mercury Sable. Looks like a neat car!

“My car used to be my grandma’s car then she passed away,” Leelee says.  She has had her car since February 2014. “My car also has a lot of room and I love that for my friends and family to stroll with me.”

Like a lot of cars with character, Leelee’s car has a nickname.  “My favorite attribute about ‘The Plane’ is that it is so funny to look at! My friends and I geek every time just looking at it! Everyone loves my car! We yell ‘Take Off’ when I start the car since the nick name is ‘The Plane’”.

It sounds like her car is a bundle of joy. But, most every car has a flaw to it. “The thing that I don’t like is that it’s an older car so it doesn’t have the newest gadgets,” she says.

The days you remember is strolling in your first car with some friends or family and those are memories you’ll never forget. “My favorite memory that I’ll never forget about my car is when my friends and I ride in it at night with the windows down and the music is blasting and we are straight chilling and having a blast. This happens many times.” ‘The Plane’ also has bumper stickers like Outer Banks, N.C., Washington Nationals, South Carolina state symbol, and a Vineyard Vines store sticker.

Leelee and her friends make ‘The Plane’ sound like a blast to be around. It has some great attributes to it just like every car. It starts with it being a station wagon and then all the great memories she has had with the car. Congratulations to Leelee Jacoby and her car for being selected as the car of the month!