Club of the Month: Muslim Student Association


Members of the MSA had a bake sale after school on December 2, near the main school entrance. (Photo courtesy of Muslim Student Association)

Nicole Haynes, News & Online Editor

The Club of the Month this issue is the Muslim Student Association. They meet every first and third Wednesday of the month in Room 207 and everyone is welcomed, no matter your religion. The club’s purpose is to erase misconceptions and stigmas about Muslims.  At meetings they discuss current events, issues, and doing community service.

The President, Zeinab Zahow (12), runs the meetings with the sponsor, Mr. Simon. Raneem Zahow (10) is the Vice President and sets up Friday Prayers, which are during C Lunch. She loves to meet new people and see other cultures, plus it’s a lot of fun! The Secretary is Aminah Mohammad (10) and she helps by sending emails about Friday Prayers and sets up Make Space, which is a program where college students help high school students. Make Space’s mission is to create a community for American Muslims. Her favorite thing about MSA is “creating a Muslim community, especially since we are a minority.” The Treasurer, Anfel Bouzid (12), collects the dues and fundraiser money. One of the things she loves about MSA is “seeing not just Muslims, but everyone striving to find out more about our culture so we can banish the stereotypes.”

This year they are trying to participate in the Muslim Interscholastic Tournament. MIST was founded in 2001 by an eighteen-year student who saw the need for a platform where people could share their ideas. Even though this was to promote unity among Muslim students across the country, you don’t have to be Muslim to participate. In this tournament, there are 31 different events; they range from Math Olympics, MIST Quiz Bowl, and Debate to Fashion Design, Short Film, and Basketball. With 31 options there is something for everyone!

MSA is raising money so that they can pay for the expenses of MIST. Two weeks ago, they had a bake sale near the main entrance right after school. They have two more bake sales in the near future and have other fun events planned. Be sure to look out for their fundraisers, so you can help them participate in MIST!

Muslim Student Association is a great place to go if you want to connect with your culture and heritage or learn more about another culture.