Searching For the Best Gifts?

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Catherine Le, Contributing Writer

It’s mid-December which means Christmas is almost here! It’s time to find gifts that your friends and family will love, but what should you get for them?  It’s pretty hard to find a gift that everyone, especially teens, would want. To give you guys some ideas, here are a few suggestions on what to get your friends and family for Christmas.

A majority of teens today have smartphones or anything technology related, such as headphones, iPods, speakers, laptops, etc.  They would definitely want the latest version of one of these items.

Since it is the winter season, they would maybe want something cozy. So how about giving them clothes as a gift that would match the person’s style?  You might consider giving, sweaters, scarves, long shirts, etc.  In addition, there are also shoes such as boots, sneakers, Nikes, etc.

Some other ideas could be books that they wanted to read, like famous trilogies or series.  Plus, food would be a good choice since virtually everyone would be happy to have a bag full of their favorite snacks.

The last and maybe most common gift teens would be eager to receive would be money, or gift cards for websites like iTunes or Amazon. Giving money or gift cards will let the person buy something they want for themselves. It’s also the easiest gift to give to your friends and family when you are doing your last-minute shopping, and it’s also something they will still appreciate.

So overall, your main priority is to get something personal and relates to something the giver and receiver both know about, or something funny/cute and useful. You would want to put thought in your gifts because as the saying goes, “it’s the thought that counts.”