Car of the Month: Hannah Forcier’s Dodge Caravan


Do you dare take a ride in Hannah Forcier’s mysterious Dodge Caravan? (Photo courtesy of Hannah Forcier)

Sean Clary, Staff Writer

This issue’s car of the month is Hannah Forcier’s 1994 Dodge Caravan.  One of Hannah’s favorite attributes about the car is that it provides plenty of legroom and is really comfortable for passengers and the driver.  Hannah’s brother had been driving the car years before Hannah’s time finally came at the end of her sophomore year to drive the Caravan and carry on the car’s legacy here at Falls Church.

The scariest aspect of the car is the thought that it might break down one day in the middle of the road.  Hannah often fears the Caravan might be on its last fumes and that the legendary car is concluding its years after 147,479 miles on the road.  Hannah has a variety of memories made in the car, the best being when she threw water balloons at people with her brother and his friend Trevor during her childhood.  Hannah also frequently drives the car down to Richmond to visit her brother and also likes to drive it around our area to hang out with friends.  

The Caravan also has a broken radio that only turns on when the driver makes a really sharp turn.  Hannah has practiced turning to the point that her car radio won’t randomly turn on again.  The radio often makes weird noises when Hannah drives around, which is another one of the infamous mysteries of the family car that nobody has really figured out.  

Hannah’s brothers have memories of fitting ten people and a dog or two in the back of the van to go hiking or camping back when they would drive the Caravan around.  The car is surprisingly a good vehicle for mountainous areas which is why it was such a great car to take camping or hiking.  The Caravan is a great car and it holds precious memories for the Forcier family that will never be forgotten.  See if Hannah will give you a ride in it before it heads off to the car graveyard.