How Are Seniors Feeling After Applications?


(Photo taken by William Rhodes)

William Rhodes, Feature Editor

The beginning of senior year is a very stressful and difficult time for students in high school. It is when you have to start and then eventually submit your college applications. To many, it is extremely nerve wracking. This is the point in which you start to make serious decisions about your life and where you will end up. The major deadline for college applications was January 1 and the major notification date is by April 1. To people not in this situation it may seem that the stress is over. But they are wrong. Waiting for the letters of acceptance, denial, deferment or being waitlisted feels like years. Izan Ashraf (12) says, “Even though the applications are finished and you are just waiting now, you still have to keep working hard to maintain your work ethic or you could lose your acceptance to college.”

The spring is a time of big decisions for seniors. Unless you did early decision it is when you have to make the decision on which college to attend. May 1 is the latest that you can make the decision and accept your offer. All of the offers of admission are sent out by April 1 so you have time to make a decision. That month could be a very easy one or a hard one. If you don’t know where you want to go you have a tough decision to make.

The lucky few that got into college for early action or early decision are happy the process is over, but they can’t get senioritis yet. Mid-year grade reports are still due to colleges, which means there is the possibility of losing your offer. One of those lucky few is Campbell Scheuerman (12). She received an offer of admission to William & Mary in the fall. She applied early decision, which means if you are accepted you must attend. “It was an awesome feeling getting in early. I found out on my way down to William & Mary, so it made the weekend even better.”

Second-semester seniors are known for their lack of attention to school assignments. But who can blame them? Most are already in somewhere to college. Walfred Dominguez (12) said, “It’s hard to focus in school knowing that in the fall we will all be at college.”

Senior year is a stressful time for students. While the stress may diminish after applications are sent in, it is not completely gone. After accepted to college you have to maintain your grades and class rigor. While it is very uncommon, colleges can rescind their offer of admission to you if your grades go down. Even with all of the stress of senior year it is definitely a year to enjoy!