What Does it Take to Compete in Winter Track?


(Photo courtesy Carlos Mahuiztl)

Danny May, Staff Writer

Winter Track is probably one of the toughest sports to participate in. If you’re on distance, each day you’re running many miles outdoors in freezing temperatures to build endurance to run for long distances. If you’re a sprinter, then you’re running intense workouts to build muscle for running quicker paces but for shorter distances.

Even though the sport is called indoor track, runners practice outside and compete inside in large buildings containing a track half the size of the outdoor one. Winter track is different than spring track in a sense that it has slightly different events. Since the track is only 200 meters instead of 400, the events are usually required to run more laps to equal the same distance as it would on the outdoor track. Also, some events like the 1000 meter run are held exclusively in indoor track.

Varsity mid-distance/long-distance runner Carlos Mahuiztl (12) was able to give us some details on what it means to be a part of the track team here at Falls Church.


What is your favorite part about running track?

My favorite part about running track is the team bonding and our commitment to the team.


What is your favorite event to run and why?

My favorite event to run is the 800 meter run, because it is a mid-distance race that puts runner’s willpower to the test.


How do you usually prepare for a race?

The way I prepare for a race is by drinking lots of water, running my warm ups at almost my same race pace, and distracting myself so I avoid getting nervous.


What is the most difficult part about running?

The most difficult part about running is the running. But the most challenging part is pushing yourself and telling yourself that you can do it. Just remember that your brain is the first part of your body to give up on you, so you have to keep fighting and pushing yourself and leave it all on the track.


What is one of your goals that you would like to accomplish by the end of the season?

My only goal is to work hard enough to the point where at the end of the day I know I tried my best and put in all my effort. I try to apply this to other things I do in everyday life as well.
From this, we can see that track is a rigorous sport that requires athletes to be tough and train not only their bodies to keep a pace, but train themselves mentally as well to keep focused and stay competitive.