Mordern Technology:Helpful?

Jasmyne Singleton, Staff Writer

In 1969, on the darkside of the moon, Apollo 10 astronauts John Young and Eugene Cernan were on their spaceship when they started to hear an eerie sound, almost music like. This was over four decades ago and now we are finally able to listen and speak on the subject. Now some might say that it wasn’t really music, that whistling music of been the radiators acting up, but these astronauts had insisted that it is was Space Music. Young and Cernan had an issue on whether they should expose the noise to their superiors at NASA, seeing it might doubt them, and the rest of their team, for the suitability on future spaceflight. Nobody really knows what the noise was, whether it was music or Space Winds, or even a technical interference.

The modern world continues to make new discoveries of the previous decades, helping us understand more of the past life. It shows just how we’ve came to becoming the new world, showing us that with our modern technology we can solve most previous problems. With this new technology, we can uncover and figure out the meaning to a lot of things, including this mysterious music now.

Technology has been advancing over the years. From Windows 10 to the new IPhones, we will always evolve into something more. Because of this we have ways of undiscovering many hidden words, phrases, and key hints in a lot of things. We also made things much easier for some people to do it online. For example, you pay taxes online, shop online, and even take tests like Ecarts online. Doing other things, like voting, also helps the general public.

Some people might disagree saying that too much time online is bad for you. For people who like to play videogames online, your system that your playing on could easily get hacked, and for those who like to date online, you never know if the person your talking to or meeting is really who they say you are. It could all happen so fast that you never really know when it did happen. Even just being online is bad for you, it could cost you sleep, which, in the end, could earn you a bad sleeping disorder. Being online too long and too late could also make your eyes feel weak, which could make you get glasses, have an eye operation, or make you light sensitive.