Donald Trump: Make America Great Again

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Danny May, Staff Writer

Donald Trump, the former host of the reality TV show The Apprentice and business magnate, is the current frontrunner among the Republican candidates in the race for president. Trump comes from a very wealthy family and is known for his aggressive political viewpoints. After attending the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, he was given control over his father’s company in 1971, which put him on the path of being the successful businessman that he is today. He has made appearances in many shows and movies, and has built a reputation with the media over the years.

During his current campaign, Trump has proven to be a difficult candidate to debate because he is so headstrong in his views. When opponents have tried to criticize his views during the Republican debates, he has responded with outspoken, often personal attacks against their views, and even their appearance. Being very wealthy he can afford many of the expensive costs of campaigning as well, which is commonly one of the biggest obstacles in running for president. Here are some of the policy points he has highlighted in his campaign:

• Immigration: Trump is very strict about who he wants to allow to come into the U.S. He wants to stop illegal immigration by building a wall along the Mexican border. Trump also does not want to allow any Syrian refugees to enter.

• Gun Control: Donald Trump believes that responsible citizens with guns make the country safer. Trump also says that gun violence is inevi- table and that regulations won’t help.

• Economy/jobs: Trump wants to bring manufacturing jobs back to the U.S. from China and Mexico. He is against trade deals that have made it easier for companies to move these jobs overseas.