Humans of Falls Church #3- Elective/Course Inspired


(All photos courtesy of Cecilia Nguyen)

Phoebe Cho, Contributing Writer

Patrick Gutual 10th : Leadership

“Why did you join leadership, what do you like about it, and how has it shaped you as a leader?”

“ I joined leadership because I had many friends who did it; it looked really fun and I wanted to be involved in helping and coordinating school events. I like leadership because you don’t only learn leadership skills, but there’s so many campaigns that not many students know about: recycling, freshmen success, and events. This elective helped me to become a leader by making everyone involved and to just be out there, not only to be the leader, but also to be the first follower behind a leader.”

tuckTucker Smith 12th : AP Psychology

“Why did you take Psychology, what do you like about it, and do you plan on being involved in this later in the future?”

“I took psychology because I heard very good things about it and I’m really into medicine which my future career path will be into. So, I’m really interested in the anatomy of the brain and it’s functions. And, yes, and along with sociology, which is kind of integrated.”

Josh Spiegelblatt 12th: Music Theorycreep

“Why did you take this elective and what do you like about it?”

“I took AP Music Theory because I love music and I want to pursue a career in it and I think that this class is really fun because it’s hard working, but you get alot of knowledge out of it and you get to have a fun time with an awesome teacher. I really like looking at the music and just studying it, learning more of the history about each and every song that we learn.”

domDom Khun 12th : Photography

“I took AP Tutti because photography is like my thing, so I always chose to choose my electives based on an art-like subject so that I can focus on that. And, I figured that this elective would be good for colleges to look at. And, I just, in general, like taking pictures, so it’s a class that I genuinely enjoy.”

“So I assume that you’re planning on pursuing this as part of your plans in the future?”

“Yes, I got accepted into VCU Arts and I’m planning on continuing this for my passion for photography, and anything related to film.”