Car of the Month: Henry Lewis


(Photo courtesy of Henry Lewis)

Ryan Haynes, Managing Editor

If you have ever wanted to drive a huge pickup truck down a dirt road, then Henry Lewis (11) is the guy to call. Henry is a junior here at Falls Church.  He is in National Honor Society and works hard to keep up his grades.  Henry currently drives a blue 2004 Ford F-150 Lariat.  It is a large vehicle that Henry took some getting used to.  He recalls one time where he had to parallel park in Washington D.C. and it was “pretty scary”.

Henry drives the car to school every day. The car was his father’s for the past years, but then when Henry got his license in 2015, Mr. Lewis passed the car down to his son.  “The car brings back a lot of memories.  When we would go camping when I was young, we would always take that truck.” Henry recalls.    

This past summer while working as a lifeguard at Woodley Pool, he went to go get food for himself and his fellow co-workers.  He went to McDonald’s and ordered 100 chicken nuggets.  On the way back to the pool he was rear ended by another car.  The chicken nuggets went flying across his car and made a big mess.  Henry said, “There were chicken nuggets everywhere.  All over the dashboard, the floor, the seats.”  His windows were down and some of the chicken nuggets flew out the window and into the street.  Henry and everyone involved was okay.  Henry’s car appeared to be almost unharmed but the other car was totaled.

Henry loves to mountain bike, so he leaves some mountain biking bumper stickers on the back of his truck.  Also, Henry considers possibly being an Uber driver one day, saying, “You’ve got to pay the bills somehow.”