Get Ready for Prom 2016

(Photo courtesy of dreams

Nicole Haynes, News & Opinion Editor

Believe it or not, prom season is already here! Prom this year is Friday, April 22, which is a teacher workday. It will be held at The Westin Tysons Corner Hotel. Last week seniors voted on a theme and chose “masquerade.” Though you are not allowed to wear masks for safety concerns, the decorations will make it feel like a masquerade. There will be a photo booth with props to capture fun pictures with your friends. Erin Poplin (11) will be running this all night and then will upload the pictures to a Facebook page, so everyone can get their pictures.

The fundraising is a very big part of planning a prom. The Junior Class has been providing snacks after school every Tuesday and Wednesday. Be sure to look for a cart full of yummy snacks ranging from $0.50 to $1 at 3:20 on these late bus days! The Junior Class also plans on having fundraisers at Panda Express and Sweet Frog, so be on the look at for those dates! Volunteer, support, and spread the word about all of these great fundraisers!

Because fundraising is so important in having a great prom, everyone should at least support these fundraisers. If you can volunteer for anything it would be greatly appreciated. You can join the prom committee by signing up on the sign up sheets around school of talking to an officer. Each person’s time and effort will make this year’s prom better for everyone. The more you support the Junior Class’ fundraisers, the less the cost of the tickets will be.

Unlike most high schools, Falls Church is unique in that it is normal for juniors to go to prom. All seniors and juniors are welcomed to attend and can invite one person who is an underclassman or who does not go to Falls Church. However, there is a permission slip that students who want to go to our prom, who are from another high school, need to fill out. Junior Class President Elizabeth Ashley (11) is excited about this year’s prom, “I can assure you that it will be a great time and you should come!”

Prom is one of those nights you will look back years from now, so you want to make sure your dress/suit, hair, makeup, shoes, and pictures are perfect, but remember this will not happen without your support!