Sign Up for the Jaguar 5K!

Ryan Haynes, Managing Editor


On Saturday April 30,  Falls Church High School will hold its 11 annual Jaguar 5K and Fun Run.  The Mile Fun Run starts at 8:00 while the 5K starts at 8:30. Every year a t-shirt is given to each runner as well as a little goody bag with a water bottle, pens, etc. The 1 Mile Fun Run starts on the track and runs around the surrounding area of the school. The Fun Run is for kids under the age of 12.  Two years ago there was a kid as young as three years old who ran!

The 5K starts behind the school and goes through the surrounding neighborhoods.  The Jaguar 5K has drawn a crowd of over 900 over the past few years, and this year they hope to reach 1,000.  The 5K features people from all ages. elementary school kids, middle school students, lots of current Jaguars, Jaguar alumni, and adults all come out for the big event.  Many teachers run too, some even give extra bonus points to anyone who can beat them.  Many current Jaguars enrolled in gym opt to run the 5K in replacement of running the 4-mile gym final.  Even if you are not enrolled in gym it is still a great event to attend.

     The top score for the One Mile Fun Run is usually around 5:30, while the top score for the 5K is usually around 17:30.  You may walk or run as you choose.  The top finalists from each age group is awarded a prize for both the Fun Run and the 5K after the races.  There is also plenty of food that is included to eat after the race.  There is pizza, bananas, bagels, etc.  Everyone is welcome to stay after the race to eat and watch the award ceremony.  It is always a good time so make sure you sign up for the 5K or the Fun Run!