Plan for the Future, But Stay in the Present

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Jagwire Staff

It is that point in the year that students and teachers hate most. The beginning of fourth quarter. Students are ready for summer and teachers are ready for students to pay attention in class. Seniors meanwhile, are concerned with their future and where they’ll be headed after graduation. “Senioritis” for many, is hitting hard and doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. However, while planning for the future may seem more important than studying for your history test, you may want to reconsider.

Getting into college was the first step. Our stress levels were at an all time high from October to February, when we were struggling with essays, applications, and scholarships. Now, it seems, we can finally relax and take a breath. If only. Now here comes the fun part: dealing with financial aid, picking a major, registering for classes, and finding a somewhat normal roommate. There are grad parties to be planned, dorm shopping to be done, and summer jobs/internships to be found. And of course, schoolwork to be completed so we can actually graduate.

While it may seem like the hard part is over, unfortunately we still have a ways to go. It is not time to check out of your classes. For many colleges, you will have to send in your senior grades to ensure they still meet the same standards as when you applied. If they don’t, your acceptance can be rescinded. Please don’t risk missing out on an opportunity because you thought it was set in stone; it isn’t.

As far as looking toward the future, some things don’t need to be figured out right now. As teenagers, we often have unrealistic expectations of how our future is going to unfold. In actuality, things change and everything does not go exactly as planned. Our freshman roommate will probably not be our best friend, we will change our major two or three times before settling one the right one, and our Pinterest-inspired dorm room will be as messy as the rest of the kids on our floor.

It is understandable that our minds are somewhere else, whether that be in distance or in spirit. But we are so close to graduation, please don’t let four years of hard work go to waste by not being present (physically or mentally) in class.