Are You Ready For AP Exams?

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William Rhodes, Feature Editor

AP exams are right around the corner. While the exams only last for two weeks, they can seem like they take a month. These exams bring a large amount of stress and anxiety to students in AP classes. The exams are the time to exhibit all of the knowledge you have learned over the course of the year.

The AP exams are scored on a five-point system with 5 being the highest score. A passing score is a 3. Students take these classes to get college credit. The credit you receive depends entirely on the college and the score you get. Taking AP classes show your potential college that you can handle a harder workload.

These exams are very stressful because passing the exams show that you have learned the material and can possibly earn you college credit. Many students think that if they do not pass the exam they wasted their time in an AP class. Actually, colleges will still see that you took the hardest classes available to you, and that you challenged yourself to the best of your ability.

AP exams take a large amount of time to complete. They require mental stamina over anything else, especially if you have two in one day. To do well on the exams, you need to be relaxed. If you are too stressed out you may forget material or not do your absolute best. Over the course of the year you have learned the material and these exams are designed to show that you know it. You should think of it as just another unit test, to help calm your nerves.

AP classes move at a faster pace than general education or honors classes. You should only take AP classes in subjects that you excel at or are really interested in. The way to succeed in the exams is to be confidant in the information that you know. AP exams are designed for you to not know the answer to every question. At first, that is hard to wrap your head around because you may be used to knowing how to answer most questions. One way to better acquaint yourself with the types of questions is to get AP study books in the subjects of your classes. These books help you with practice exams and tips on how to study and how to do well on the exams.

Good luck to all students taking exams; they will be over before you know it! And if you are taking AP classes next year, be ready for the challenge and have fun!