Girls Soccer Prepared to Win Despite Early Losses


(Photo courtesy of Erin Poplin)

Amber Ecelbarger, Sports Editor

Much like the boys team, the girls varsity soccer team is off to a bumpy start. Stacked up against incredibly tough opponents, including Tuscarora and T.C. Williams, the team battles to hold their ground. Their record is currently 3-5, but many of the team members feel the numbers are unrepresentative of their talent. Junior Defender Susan Roda says, “We know we are better than what our record shows.  We are all prepared to turn things around for these upcoming games.” The team is excited for their remaining conference games, which includes matches against Robert E. Lee on May 3 and Wakefield on May 6. These games are essential because wins against these two teams will help to secure a higher seed in the conference tournament.

Coach Jim Clark has made it very clear he believes the girls can win conference this season. However both he and the team know it will not be an easy fight. With powerhouse teams such as Stuart and the defending conference champs, Marshall, it will be difficult to land a spot in the top two seeds.

The team began the season strong with a 3-2 victory against West Potomac, a 3-0 victory against Mount Vernon, and a 3-2 win against Edison. Roda said, “Our early wins really helped our team feel confident and competitive.”

Senior goalie Leann Loch believes the season is going well. “Although we have reached some lapses as a team, we hope to finish out the season strong. Our goal is to finish one of the top three teams in conference so that we can advance to regionals.” Last season, the top four teams advanced to regionals, but because Mount Vernon was reassigned to a different conference, the qualifications to advance to regionals have changed. The team played at regionals last year and is hoping for the opportunity to compete this year as well.

The past few years, the program has progressed and proven they are able to compete. The girls hope to show off what they can do and hope to add on to the success of last season.

Junior defender Meg Verhagen says, “Our team has really bonded and I feel like we have grown together and become extremely close. I’m really excited to play our first conference tournament game, because if everything goes as planned, we should be awarded the opportunity to play at regionals.” Verhagen also is glad to be back on the field as she spent a few days recovering from a hard blow to her left knee during the Edison game.

The girls are focused on what it’s going to take to win the remaining games and hope to seek revenge against the teams that beat them. Loch adds, “I think we can upset some teams, if not in the regular season, in the conference tournament.  Those are the games that truly matter.”