Celebrating Mother’s Day

Jasmyne Singleton, Staff Writer

Yesterday, on May 8, was the day to celebrate all mother’s. While there are no boundaries to celebrating your mom, few people decided to go against the limit to show just how much they appreciate their mom. For those who do not have mother’s of their own, they take the closest to a mother figure, such as Grandmother’s, older sister’s, aunt’s, and more.Kayne West woke Kim Kardashian up with the surprise of ten to fifteen violinist for her mother’s day gift, while Josh Peck surprised his mom by coming over for the week. Cards, roses, chocolates, visiting graves, and other important things were given to mother’s, and motherly figures, all around the world in token to show how loved and supported they are. That is all a mother really wants, things that come from the heart can make a difference in their lives.

Back on May 8, 1914, President Woodrow Wilson stated that starting that Sunday, a new national holiday was to be celebrated. Wilson believed that mother’s all around America deserved a huge thank you for not only giving birth to the next generation, but for raising and loving them as well. So on that Sunday, President Wilson asked all Americans to give a public thank you. Pretty soon, in a couple of years, all around the world had decided to take part on this day.  Mother’s Day has been a holiday over a decade ago, and it is still going on strong. What started as an American holiday, turned to be something much more.

Asking mom’s exactly what they want for Mother’s Day is not an easy task. While some want nothing more than to see the smile on their children faces, others can’t seem to have that sort of luxury. Some mother’s and children aren’t on speaking terms and for that, making both parties very lonely and depressed, even if in denial about their true feelings. Sometimes, you might get angry at each other, but if you can remember all the important events that has occurred in your lives, involving both, then you’ll see that everything happens for a reason. Don’t lose faith or hope on that situation because happiness is something that everyone should feel.