Supporting Equality

Jasmyne Singleton, Staff Writer

Female workers have become very common in this era, but before they weren’t as noticed or wanted as they are now. Before women were expected to cook all of the food, and clean up after everyone in the house. They were expected to greet their children off the bus, and wait by the door to kiss their husband when he came home. Women i n the past are what made the women of today who they are. They defined and formed today’s society as a whole. With their morals and ambitions to change the way women and girls were looked at, that’s something that girls and women today are doing.

Management, job openings, competitions, this is what females have been doing since around that time. CEO jobs is something for example. Female CEO’s get paid more than males. Just like female sport players get paid more than the average male players. Its something about how females are more hard working and determined than the males.Females get a lot of opportunities to do more then what they used to do. They can apply to any college and become anything that they want to be. They can achieve any amount of success, and participate in any sort of organization as they please.

Feminism is one of the major key factors that have become a major key to everyday life. Feminism is when a woman can have the sme equal rights as a man, and vice versa. However, some people would rather not have feminism in their lives. Women shouldn’t work as hard as men, a man should always pick the dates,  girls are not allowed to eat as much as  boys, and bys are not allowed to wear anything that would make them feel “pretty”. Because of this, it is corrupting the minds of our next generation. If a boy wants to watch My Little Pony and dance to Hannah Montana, then he should be allowed to. If a gir wants to try out for the football team or wear the boys schoool uniform, then she should b allowed to, as well.

Equality and Feminism go hand and hand. Both topics have been around since the earlier times and now, in the 21st century, we are starting to finally do something about it. Conventions, campaigns, calming riots, making of postrs, signs, and commercials, plus many more things are what we, the people, do. We will show a bright path to our next generations and generations to come so that, finally, we can all walk hand in hand, showing love and support to all.