FCHS Spirit Week Was A Success


(Photo courtesy of Mariah Marshall)

Amber Ecelbarger, Sports Editor

The Falls Church High School student body and faculty all really got into the post-prom spirit week!  The week, spanning from April 25-29, consisted of themes all tied into Disney films and productions.  

Monday’s theme was Hawaii, relating to the old Disney show, Lilo and Stitch. Students covered their bodies in colorful floral garments, leis, and bucket hats. Some dressed like tourists as if they were visiting the state.

Tuesday’s theme was college spirit, referencing the movie Monsters University. This was a day in which students were to show off college spirit and wear clothing supporting their favorite, or (for seniors) future schools. Some students took their own spin on the day and dressed as if they were in a college fraternity.

Wednesday’s spirit theme was duo day, which tied into the duo of the Disney movie, The Princess and the Frog. On this day many students paired up with their friends to dress like a classic duo. The hallways roamed with Ketchups and Mustards, Salts and Peppers, and Thing 1’s and Thing 2’s. Some students chose to twin with their friend and others incorporated a duo into one outfit. This day displayed some serious creativity around the halls.

Thursday’s spirit week theme was Cowboys vs. Astronauts. This day was designed to reflect the characters Woody and Buzz Lightyear from the popular Disney film Toy Story. Many chose plaid shirts and boots as opposed to a white space suit; however, those who did chose to dress as astronauts definitely pieced together some creative outfits.

Friday’s theme was class color day. Freshmen arrived cloaked in white, sophomores in yellow, juniors in green, and seniors in black. Despite the cancellation of the pep rally due to rain, students still displayed their Falls Church spirit and supported their class. Overall, the spirit week was a major success. It’s always a great thing to see students genuinely involved in their school and eager to support their class.