Jaguar 5K Totals Record 800 Participants


(Photo courtesy of Erin Poplin)

Numaan Qureshi, Staff Writer

The 11th annual Jaguar 5K race took place on April 30. The Jaguar 5K has grown almost every year and in 2016, it showed the highest level of participation yet.  There were a total of 800 runners including Falls Church High School principal Mr. Yohe and other teachers. The kids and all the adults were all setup to run and tried their best. Some people were running in the race to win; for others the victory is just in the completion of the race, so they walked to complete the course.  The most important thing is participation, and it was great to see so many people from the Falls Church community participating.

Sponsors included Amazing Race Time, which helped out with timing services for the races.  Other companies and organizations that showed their support included the Annandale Chamber of Commerce, KCS, Burke Sporting Goods, and Nando’s Peri-Peri from the Mosaic District, which recently also sponsored a fundraising event with proceeds going to Falls Church High School.

With all that help including advertisements, Falls Church High School gains a lot of money. All the money earned goes to things that benefit fitness; every single penny can go a long way to a healthy lifestyle. This is the main focus of the Jaguar 5K—promoting health, a message Fairfax County tries hard to promote.

Students who are enrolled in Health and Physical Education who participated in the 5K don’t have to do their final exam in their gym class, so not only are you helping Falls Church promote fitness, by entering the race you’re really helping yourself.  Kevin Garlepp (11), one of the runners, said, “Yeah, I did the 5K; this is the second time and it’s not that bad. It was nice running out there and getting my legs moving.”

Falls Church also wants to really promote it as a social event, not just a run. Awards are given out to the top runners who had the best finish. Random prize drawings and t-shirts are given out to everyone involved. It was a great event like it is every year and Falls Church will always try to build on it.