Spring Season Wrap-Up: Girls’ Sports


(Photo couresty of Brooke Smith)

Ryan Clary, Staff Writer

The spring sports season is what I like to call a sweet wrap up to the school year. The girls’ sports have been shining all year long. The girls’ sports are softball, lacrosse, track and field, and tennis. All these sports have lots of fun on and off the field as a team.

Varsity softball has a record of 4-13 with a highlighted win over Stuart on April 8.  Ava Willis (10), is a second year varsity starter. She is a pitcher for the softball team. She says, “The best is yet to come and we are all coming together and working as a team and just in time for conference games. I think we have light at the end of the tunnel for our season.”

On the soccer pitch, Leah Shaw (10) is one of the leaders of the varsity team. Leah has some favorite moments from the season that she has highlighted for herself: “Winning our first game in overtime against West Potomac was a really big win, and as well a confidence boost for the team. Fellow teammate Alexa Hurkamp (10) scored the goal that led to another hard earned Falls Church victory.”

The varsity lacrosse team is 4-5 on the season, playing some really close, hard fought games on both sides.  Jojo Di Scipio (10), who plays attack, had something to say about their interesting season: “We have developed a lot as a team this year. Our team chemistry has really boosted from week one to the present. As the season has gone on, we’ve been playing better each game and everyone is improving as well!”

Lani Nguyen (10) is a varsity tennis player at Falls Church. She feels that as the season has gone on, they have progressed as a team. Their record is 6-8 but they have improved by a lot as the year has gone by. “I love spending time with my team on and off the court. They’re all amazing friends and I will miss the seniors who are graduating this year, but I can’t wait for the next seasons to come!”

Varsity track and field is led by a very consistent group of athletes. Beatrice Maku (12) is a four   year track runner. “Track and Field in Falls Church is a great sport with the best team bonding. The team is super nice, if you join track it will   feel like another family. The coaches are tough on everyone because they care. The girl’s team for the past four years has been phenomenal! Everyone is improving every day. We have relay teams and individuals going to regionals. Hopefully we go further, “said Beatrice.  They work hard every day on running, doing hurdles, long jump, and other activities. They usually have meets twice a week, usually on a Saturday and then during the school week. As conferences come up, they are hoping to take home the conference championship!