Humans of Falls Church #5: How do you feel about feminism?

(All photos taken by Cecilia Nguyen)

(All photos taken by Cecilia Nguyen)

Phoebe Cho, Contributing Writer

Paul Huddleston [Sophomore]
“I feel like it’s important for women to get equal rights in politics, society, and the economy. [And,] it’s crazy because we’re in 21st century and people are still treating women differently than men in all aspects of life.”

ellieEllie Thatcher [Freshmen]
“Being a girl, I’m a proud feminist. Feminism seems to have a negative connotation now and I don’t think people understand the definition of just wanting equal rights for women. I feel that it should definitely be a main priority to solve that problem and that issue, because it is a big issue; doing the same work and not getting the same pay or treatment- I think is definitely wrong and unjust.”

Cintia Samaha [Senior]cin
“When I hear about women being treated unequally, not just with wage gaps, but being treated like the lesser sex, it makes me to sad to see the world we are living in, and that there still needs to be a change. [To me,] feminism is the equality of the sexes, not women being greater or more important than men, but that there should be an equality between us.”

hofcAbdalla Badri [Sophomore]
“I’m kind of a feminist because I think that everyone should be treated equally. [When I hear about the unequal treatment and salary in the news,] I get mad and I think that something needs to change. [To do this,] I plan to raise awareness and make sure people know about how unequal these situations are. Feminism means equality for everyone, men and women.”