Car of the Month: Andrew James’ 2005 Honda Accord

(Photo taken by Sean Clary)

(Photo taken by Sean Clary)

Sean Clary, Staff Writer

This issue’s car of the month is a 2005 Honda Accord owned by Andrew James (12).  James got his license on April 9 and he received this car from his mom after she bought a new convertible.  The Accord is a nice, four-cylinder car with a turbocharged engine that makes it go faster than an average sedan.

James enjoys having his new car as he says “It’s great to have a car that I can finally use to drive to baseball practice and I enjoy using it on the weekend as well.”  James is excited to use his new Honda Accord over the summer and to possibly take it to the beach for his family vacation.  James will also be taking it on road trips over the summer to various places like the mountains, King’s Dominion, and other road trips.

The Honda Accord has a great air conditioning and James is going to use it a lot this summer.  The Accord is the perfect car for a high school student because it has an automatic transmission and it is the size of an everyday sedan.  James enjoys rolling down his windows when it is hot out as he says, “I can open the windows when I unlock the car before I get in, which lets out hot air before I get in the car.”

The country of origin for a 2005 Honda Accord is Japan but the car was actually assembled in the United States, as many Japanese cars are, because the costs of manufacturing are lower here than in Japan.  The Honda Accord is very fuel efficient because it averages 24 miles per gallon which obviously can save young drivers a lot of money.

James is looking forward to attending Old Dominion University next year and he is unsure if he will be driving his car to school or not so he is going to take advantage of driving it over the summer.  Overall, James really enjoys his new car and he looks forward to driving it for many years to come.