Jaguar Cheerleaders Start off the Season!

Rachel Opoku, Staff Writer

Falls Church Cheer Season 2016

It’s a new season, and Falls Church High School welcomes new and returning jaguar cheerleaders! The Fall Season features many sports, but cheer is the most common fall sport that is picked. Jaguar Cheerleading has been working hard off-season, and competition is just around the corner.  The freshmen, Junior Varsity, and Varsity cheerleading teams have been shining brighter than ever each year. The girls have lots of fun on and off the sidelines as one team!

All Student Athletes usually have practice every day. Freshman and JV cheerleaders have practice Monday-Friday. Varsity Cheerleaders have practice from Monday to Saturday. Freshman games are on Wednesdays, JV games are on Thursdays, and Varsity games are on Fridays. Luckily, student athletes still have the time to finish their homework from all of their classes.

Many people refer to cheerleading as only yelling, shouting, and showing spirit, but experienced cheerleaders have different opinions. Plenty of the experienced cheerleaders have said that cheer is a fun experience because the athletes cooperate and they have fun showing their school spirit. Practices usually start off by stretching to avoid getting strained, then depending on the weather, they run 4 laps around the track. After warming up, cheerleaders do conditioning. Conditioning is an important aspect of cheerleading. It helps cheerleaders build endurance, increase strength, and have better balance. Conditioning helps a cheerleader grow stronger, and prepare for competition if they wish!

As important as showing their school spirit on the fields, cheerleaders express most of their energy on the competition mats. A full competition routine is about 2 ½ minutes, but it is filled with aerobic exercises for the full time period. Cheerleaders get judged by a panel of judges on their routine. The judges are cheer experts, so they specifically look for how coordinated the teams skill, technique, creativity, and spirit is. Teams usually start training months in advance, so they have the time to work on their conditioning, and perfect their routines. Competitions are intense, but they are an experience like no other!

The Jaguar Cheerleaders focus is to win more competitions and fill our school with pride.