First Presidential Debate

Matt Gutermuth, Staff Writer


This election season has been anything but normal, and that should stay true for Monday night’s debate. The Democratic and Republican nominees are set to debate on multiple issues including foreign, economic and immigration policies. There are many reasons that so many people have been talking about this debate. First of all, the two candidate have severally different views of just about everything. They have gone back and forth on many different issues that have shed light on many poor qualities of both candidates. Secondly, Two third party candidates are not debating. The Libertarians and the Green Party will not be in the debate. Also, both candidates have remarkably low favorability ratings. This may bring a new level of interest for this debate


If you were hoping for an action packed, intense debate, then you came to the right channel. CNN hosted the first main major election debate of this year. Lester Holt of CNN moderated while Donald Trump of the Republican party and Hillary Clinton of the Democratic party squared off. This debate lasted about 90 minutes, while covering many topics. The candidates started off the night by discussing their views of the future of America’s economies. Trump backed up his believes of slashing upper class taxes and corporations, while Clinton rejected that proposal. Both candidates are committed to strengthening the middle class, in an effort to build back up America’s economy. However, Clinton and Trump have very different approaches of going about it.

The candidates did stray away from the policies a few instances. Both candidates went after each other’s controversial issues. Clinton made many remarks on Trump’s businesses, as well as how he hasn’t released his tax return to the public.  Trump was also on the offensive. He brought up Clinton’s email scandal. Both of these attacks were poorly answered on both sides.

The debate continued with a conversation on foreign and domestic terrorism. Each candidate were asked about the issue of race relations, specifically between police officers and the African American communities. This issue, especially with the recent rioting, will become a highly talked about subject in this upcoming election. Topics like these with shape the outcome of the presidential election.