With a New Year Comes a New Schedule

By Ryan Clary, Managing Editor


           With a new school year starting up,
we also have a new schedule that could be
a positive or a negative thing for students
and teachers. Last school year, the schedule
was 1st, Jag, 3rd, 5th, and 7th on a Green
Day. On White Days we had 2nd, Jag, 4th,
6th, and 7th. This year the administration of
Falls Church HS has decided to change the
schedule so we have 3rd period everyday instead
of having 7th period every single day
of the week. It is definitely a change of things
around here for both students and staff.
Ms. Jimenez, a Spanish teacher here
mainly agrees with the new change. “I really
like going from Jag to 3rd period everyday
on a daily basis. It gives us consistency as a
staff and for the students,” said Ms. Jimenez.
Mr. Kenna, a math teacher really likes the
new schedule. “Last year, when we had 7th
everyday, I felt like kids were tired every day
so sometimes we didn’t get their full potential
because they were tired. And also lunch
is a little earlier as well and it’s always nice to
have that, overall I really like the new schedule,”
said Mr. Kenna.
Rasha Benhamida (11), a student attending
Falls Church HS for her third year is used to
the old schedule having 7th every day. Her take
on the new schedule is similar to the other teachers.
“Having the new schedule will make it better
for both the teachers and students. I like going
from Jag to 3rd everyday on a daily basis. It just
feels better in my opinion,” said Rasha.
Luke Strother (11) is not a fan of the new schedule;
he likes the old ways. “My opinion on the
new schedule isn’t very strong. I like the old
days, I’m just used to doing that and that’s where
my comfort zone is as of now,” said Luke.
It appears that most people, students and
faculty, like the new schedule. They mainly like
the consistency and also the earlier lunches. It’s
a nice new start to a brand new school year with
a new schedule. Let’s start out the year with a big bang!