The Many Changes to The Jagwire


      As you are reading through this first edition of The Jagwire you
may have noticed some major changes to our newspaper. You may have
noticed the change from a 12-page paper to a 16-page paper. You may
have noticed the changes like the full page for articles translated into
Spanish. You may have noticed more names you recognize in the newspaper
than ever before. Also, you may be reading this off of your phone
instead of the traditional printed paper handed out during Jagtime. The
point is there are many differences in this year’s Jagwire compared to
years past.
As you may have noticed as we came around to each class to
hand out this issue we also offered a QR code which takes you directly
to where our issues are posted online. We plan on continuing
to do this for the rest of the year to make the newspaper more
accessible for those who prefer to read it online. Sometime in the near
future we are hoping to have an app for The Jagwire as well to make it
even easier for you, the reader, to access our content.
Another point to be made is the openness of The Jagwire. If you
ever want to promote something community-related, or would like to
contribute via a comic, or think you have a sweet ride that deserves to
be Car of the Month, email us at [email protected].
As we continue to strive to bring you the most intriguing news in
our community, we hope you will all be accepting of these new changes.
As we continue to develop as a newspaper we will continue to improve
the experience for you the reader. We hope you enjoy the development of The Jagwire.