Freshman Computer Rule: Yay or Nay?

By Jasmyne Singleton, News and Opinion Editor



This year the schoolboard has
admitted the freshman to have new laptops.
While some might find this beneficial,
others would say this a bad idea.
The reason because, yes, this will raise
the higher percentage of people passing
the SOL’s, some would say freshman are
rather inexperienced. The upperclassmen
seem to think the same way saying how it
would’ve been put to better use if it was
to them first. “I think us having computers
would work out for me. Now I can actually
do my work.” Latia Bradshaw (9)
had said.
Lots would say that the school is
going to a more electronic way. Seeing as
how we have to read online texts books
and how we take most of our texts online
as well. Not to mention we also are starting
to turn in homeworks and projects on
Google Classroom. Nehemiah Edison
(9) claimed, “I’m pretty happy that we get
laptops but I’m pretty worried that I’ll do
something stupid and mess it up.” We all
know that freshman year can seem pretty
tough so having a laptop would definitely
help out in those required areas. They is,
however, going to be that constant worry                                                                                                                     that you might break it and/or mess up
its quality. “I feel as if I might lose it, but
in general I don’t care whether I have it
or not.” Nashla Lopez (9) stated.
Of course there are the few people
that find this rule unsettling and
unfair. Those few would mostly be the
sophomores, juniors, and seniors, the
upperclassmen. “I feel that the computers
would’ve put into better use from
the older grades.” Erin Rodriguez (10)
had told us. “We we’re so close to getting
them last year, that’s not fair.” AJ
Reed (10) had also said. For those who
are close enough to the new freshman in
grade level, a lot either don’t care, or are
rather upset about how it wasn’t them.
The school is starting to do a whole lot
of new things this year, with the new
lunch lines, to the new gym uniforms
and with the new laptops, people feel
that the freshman are getting a newer
feel. “I don’t see why the freshman are
getting a better, or newer, treatment than
us. They’re pretty irresponsible whereas
we [upperclassmen] grew up and became
wiser.” Anja Miller (11) said. “I
agree, if the order went from seniors to
freshman, with us being the first testers,
it probably will go much smoother.” Dareese
Harris (12) stated after.