Mr. Redden-Liotta Hits the High Notes in the Music Dept.

By Ryan Clary, Managing Editor

A former Woodson High School choir teacher named Mr. Redden-Liotta who also taught at George  Mason University is starting his educational run at Falls Church High School. Coming to Falls Church, he said that he has already heard magnificent things from some of our students here while in the process of switching to Falls Church. His other colleagues and other choral directors told him great things in the transition of a new additional school. Mr. Redden-Liotta went to the University of North Texas for his undergraduate degree, went to George Mason Uni versity for his master’s degree, and is currently finishing his doctoral degree at George Mason University. It is               great to have such an intelligent person added to the Falls Church High School staff!

Mr. Redden-Liotta stated  that “During the interviewing process, hearing all the wonderful things about Falls Church was hard to beat. It was great to hear all of that. Coming from great schools, I knew this would be a great one too.” He also added, “I’ve been singing mostly my  whole life. It is something that I’ve really pursued as a teacher and just   as a normal performer. It’s a great hobby, and I love teaching students and seeing happy, satisfied students  learning.” He is someone we would  call a professional in his job, it’s always great to have your profession and passion being your job as well. In some people’s opinions, it is a lot  easier to go to work with something  that you are enjoying as well as mastering.

We are very lucky to have  such a talented, highly experienced choir teacher to join an already distinguished staff. We always welcome new students, and we feel the same way about our new teachers. Our choir department always puts on a great show when they perform and  it’s great to have a fresh, brand new  start to the year with them.