Car of the Month: Steven Huddleston

By Alex Bruning, Staff Writer


This issue’s car of the month belongs

to Steven Huddleston (12), with his

sleek white 1998 Toyota Camry. Steven

and his friends have nicknamed his car

the Whipple Mobile. This is due to the fact

that there is a sticker on the back bumper

of his car that says Whipple. Steven was

able to acquire his car when his father

decided to get a new SUV. In turn, it became

his car and he was tasked with the

responsibility of taking care of it. Even

before the car was his dad’s, the car belonged

to his grandmother. His grandmother

only drove to church and the grocery store, because of

this, the car only has 43,000 miles on it. This allows anyone who

is in the car to have a comfortable and semi-luxurious ride.

The Whipple Mobile is filled with many amazing gadgets.

First off, it is equipped with a fully functional aux cord, allowing

anyone in the car to blast some of their music. Secondly,

the Whipple mobile is able to fit five medium-sized passengers

comfortable in its fantastic felt-type seats. The Whipple features

a decent stereo system and an in-car radio that allows you to find

the perfect station to listen to music from anywhere. The outside

of the car is in pristine condition and the white paint shines

bright like a diamond. The Whipple Mobile drives smoothly and

is able to cover lots of ground due to its high-powered engine.

Although only having his car for a short period of time,

Steven has already created countless memorable moments in it.

One of Steven’s favorite memories is a time when he took his

girlfriend to go get ice cream and they ended up just talking and

listening to music in the Whipple. Even though Steven has only

had his car for a small amount of time, he already prides himself

on the fact that he keeps it clean and running smoothly 24/7.

Steven plans on driving the car for as long as it holds up and he

says, “I couldn’t have asked for a better first car than the Whipple

Mobile.” I give the Whipple a 10/10 and it is truly the definition

of a Car of the Month.