Tips on How to Stay Organized!

Rachel Opoku, Staff Writer

Do you ever feel stressed and unorganized?  As a student, you may feel this way sometimes but there are methods you could use to keep yourself organized. Organization is very important, especially for when you start to get older. You should always find a system that you’re comfortable with, so you can continue to use it in the future.

Most students find it easier to have one binder with all their classes sectioned off with dividers, so they know where to put certain papers. Some students find it easier to have separate binders, one for Green Days, and one for White Days. Other students just bring a folder to keep all paperwork stored. Although all 3 of those methods work, it’s best to bring one binder with all your classes sectioned off, so you don’t have to keep switching back and forth every day. As important as your binder organization is, it is important to keep your lockers sectioned too. To make things easier for yourself, avoid throwing papers in your locker. Although it’s not a requirement to use your locker, many teachers recommend it.

Believe it or not, keeping yourself organized is a huge benefit. It saves a lot of time and is a stress reliever! After getting home from school, a number of students probably scramble through their book bags trying to find their work. If your materials are well organized, then you’ll have more time to do your work, resulting in more leisure time!

Some may think organization is not that important, but trust me, if you’re organized you’ll always be prepared, and your mind will be at ease!