The Effects of Global Warming

Erin Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Global Warming has been a worldwide problem throughout our history, and it only continues to negatively increase. Global warming is the rising of the temperature on Earth and the long-term and short-term effects it has on the Earth. There has been a gradual increase in temperature, among other things that have led and will continue to lead to permanent change in the Earth’s climate. This will eventually lead to other serious problems. While many view global warming as something inconsequential, others view it as a serious, critical issue.

            Global Warming has many leading causes, which directly contributes to the increase of the Earth’s temperature. For example, green house concentrations and gases, which are given off by humans is a major factor. Gases emitted by humans include fuel from cars, factories, and even respiration. Carbon Dioxide is one of the main gases responsible for contributing to global warming. The cutting down and burning of forests also plays a role in global warming because heat is trapped in the atmosphere causing the increase in temperature around the world.

            Not only does global warming gradually increase the Earth’s temperature, but it also    causes polar caps to melt. This begins to decrease the population of polar bears because their homes are beginning to melt and disappear. Sea levels rise due to the melting of glaciers and multiple species decrease in number. In addition, it changes the amount of rainfall we have, which causes natural disasters and droughts. Animals whose habitats have been destroyed should not be forced to adapt to the environmental effects of global warming, which we have caused. Global warming affects us through our environment, health, and animals.

            We cannot completely eliminate Global warming from our world, but we can work together to decrease the rate of global warming’s effects. There are many different ways in which we can help our environment stay healthy, no matter how small the movement is. We should not wait to make a change once the damage has been done. In order to avoid further damage to our homes, we should take action as soon as possible.