Parking Crisis: Exposing the Flaws of our Parking Lot

By Jacob Brotman-Krass, Layout Artist

                                                                                                                Parking in the parking lot is one                                                                                                                                                         of the many thrills that come with being
an upperclassman at Falls Church High
School. Sadly, this thrill was unlived by
so many juniors and seniors one day a
few weeks ago. As driver Jason Darling
(11) said, “There were so many cars in the
parking lot. It was one of the worst days
of my life because I had to park so far
away from the building.” Jason is just one
of many students who paid the hefty price
of $200 for a parking pass, but was unable
to use it. No matter what the circumstance
is, there should always be enough
spaces for students who are willing to pay
for the overpriced parking pass.
But space for parking is not the
only problem with the parking lot concerning
the students of Falls Church. The
lanes where students and parents drive
their cars around the lot to find parking                                                                                                                                         and drop others off are barely large enough to fit two
cars, yet the lanes are not one way. For inexperienced
high school drivers, this poses a major safety issue. It
can be difficult to see other cars around the corners.
If the parking lot was made larger and either included
more room in the two-way system or made more
lanes going one way, the lot could be much simpler
and safer. After the October 22 pep rally, there was
an incident between a parent and a student driver in
the lot that only serves to prove that there is an issue                                                                                                                     with our parking lot.
While Falls Church is a small high school
compared to some of the large 6A schools in northern
Virginia, our parking lot needs to be renovated.
The safety of our students is at stake, and the administrators
need to be willing to address the safety
concerns that come with our parking lot. Our school
has waited for renovations to the building for long
enough, but at the very least, the county should improve
our parking lot.