Upperclass Representatives Making Plans for the Future

By Jasmyne Singleton, News and Opinion Editor

                                                                                With the student elections finally over, everything
seems to have come into place. We have
our Treasurer, Secretary, Vice President, and finally,
our President. The Treasurer’s job is to advise
any financial profits that they receive, and to manage
it and put it into good use for their class. The
Secretary’s job is to take notes and add comments
that they approve of or disapprove of at any class
meeting. In the absence of the President, the Vice
President goes around helping and assisting with
planning, organizing and implementing with the                                                                                                               president and other office officials. The President
must help students solve any problems with how
their class is operating. They lead the class and
corporate with the school leaders, when coming
up with a conclusion with the other class council
members. Each grade has their own class council
so they can monitor their own class, and not one
whole council to monitor everyone.
For the Junior class, the class officials are
Christopher Boose, as the President, Omar Tamimi,
the Vice President, Katie Ngo, for the Secretary,                                                                                                                       and Madeline Ivey being the Treasurer. The
Junior Class are planning to start more fundraisers
to raise more money for things such as
Prom, class tee shirts, and things of that nature.
They see that, with the class’ previous financial
troubles, that this is a way to redeem themselves
and gather as much money as needed for
future purposes.
The Senior class office officials are Hang
Le, the President, Kevin Warasila, the Vice
President, Catherine Le, being the Secretary,
and Mikayla Botts as the class Treasurer. On
November 4 the Senior class had participated
in a Senior Panorama. The representatives have
made $100 in order to have their graduation
at the Eagles Bank, which they plan on having
multiple restaurant nights in order to fundraise.
The class sponsors, being Mr. Hales, Ms.
Chagnon, and Mr. Walker, are currently confirming
a date for the Senior paw prints.
The Upperclassmen representatives are
working very hard to make this year a success
for both grades. They are planning a lot of fundraisers
for important events such as prom and
graduation, they want everything to be exciting
this year, and for everyone to have fun. Please
welcome your new Presidents, Vice Presidents,
Secretaries, and Treasurers, Juniors and Seniors