Domestic Violence

Erin Rodriguez, Staff Writer

The month of October is Domestic Violence Awareness month. Throughout the month of October, everyone around the world tries to raise awareness about domestic violence in order to end domestic violence. Domestic violence is abuse that occurs in a current or past relationship between two partners. Domestic violence can affect everyone, both females and males of any ages. There are many different ways of domestic violence but it usually involves both physical and mental abuse towards a person. In addition, it is associated with a lot of aggression, fear, jealousy, controlling behaviors, and threats. Domestic violence may increase and become more common as the relationship gets more serious, which may cause one partner to think he/she has power over the other.

                Domestic Violence has been affecting the lives of many individuals all over the world. Domestic violence has many negative consequences. It can result in emotional and physical injuries. Abusive behaviors may be easily dismissed by a partner and not taken seriously. For example, discouraging the victim from seeing friends and family members. There are multiple short term and long term effects of Domestic Violence in the household. Some short term effects of domestic violence include constant fear, instability, and confusion. Some long term effects of domestic violence are trust issues, drug, and/or abusive alcohol use.

It is very important that we put an end to the cycle of domestic abuse. Statistics show that children who witness domestic abuse in the family are more likely to be abusive with their spouses in the future. Then, this becomes a non-stop cycle and it continues to affect families. There is so much one person can do, whether it be directly helping a victim of Domestic violence or raising awareness. For example, wearing purple in the month of October to raise awareness, speaking out against domestic violence, and funding organizations who have the same goals. By doing all of these things, we are one step closer to helping those who are victims of Domestic Violence.