Winter Spirit Week of 2016

Rachel Opoku, Staff Writer

Falls Church High School’s students and faculty members are probably very excited for Winter Break! There’s only about a week of school left until break, and to make it more exciting we are having another Spirit Week! From the week of December 12th to December 16th, the school will be filled with joyous spirit days and themes that relate to Christmas so we can get ready for our 2 week vacation.

Monday, December 12th will be Pajama Day! Come to school in your cozy pajamas, warm slippers, and more.

Tuesday, December 13th will be Holiday Character Day. You can come to school wearing any winter book or movie character, for example: Santa Claus, The Grinch, Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, an elf, or more!

Wednesday, December 14th will be Holly Jolly Twin Day! Find a buddy or even more than one buddy to twin clothes with! You can even dress as a Christmas figure with your buddy and walk around the halls looking exactly like each other! Also, make sure to wear purple to raise awareness for Mental Health Awareness Week!

Thursday, December 15th will be Snow White Day. This is a day where you can where wear all white. With everyone wearing white, we will get a wintry feel in the school as if there’s a lot of snow since there’s no snow right now.

Friday, December 16th will be Funky Ugly Sweater Day. Everyone should come to school wearing an ugly Christmas sweater. In order to participate in this spirit day, bring out your awful Christmas sweater and wear it to school. If the sweater’s colors clash, or the sweater lights up and sparkles, and if things are sticking off of it, we want to see it!

Spirit week is a great chance to show some spirit for the holiday season, just by dressing up in the selected themes for each day of the week, and by engaging in fun activities created by the school.