Teacher Feature: Mr. Johnson of the Phys Ed Department

By Omar Tamimi, Sports Editor

Our teacher feature article is
a staple in the Jagwire and in this edition
we interviewed Mr. Johnson. It is
his fifth year here at Falls Church High
School and has been a P.E. teacher here
since he started. He has really been here
with us for longer because he has been
a baseball coach for six years. He has
also had connections to Falls Church
before he officially was a P.E. teacher,
he was actually term sub.
We decided to go in depth and
find out who the real Mr. Johnson is.
He went to high school at Chantilly, so
teaching here art Falls Church is staying
close to his roots. He continued his
education at Roanoke College, which is
also in Virginia. He then was a substitute
teacher for two years and has been
teaching P.E. since.
He explained what he enjoyed
about being a P.E. teacher and said that
he loves being active every day and it’s
a new experience every day. He did get
a little deeper with us and said that he
enjoys specifically being a teacher because
he gets to interact with students
and get to know them on a personal
level especially since he has them for
the entire year. He went on to tell us
that his favorite food is Italian food.
We also talked to some people
about their favorite things about Mr. Johnson and he got quite excellent reviews.
“He is definitely one of the more
laid back and relaxed teachers here at
Falls Church High School, but he definitely
knows how to set boundaries, so
you will have a fun year with him,” said
Moody El-Khatib (12).
We also talked to some staff
members and they only had good things
to say about him. We got a chance to
catch up with Mr. Booth, who is a fellow
P.E. teacher of Mr. Johnson. He said,
“Mr. Johnson is the one teacher here at
Falls Church High School that I would
like to be like and he is like an idol to
If you are lucky enough to have
Mr. Johnson then you should make the
best of it because you won’t meet another
teacher like him. Mr. Johnson is a fantastic
coach and we hope he stays here
with us at Falls Church for many years
to come.