Fabulous Fall Fashion For You to Feature at Falls Church

By Kate Guardado, Feature Editor

Autumn-colored leaves are now scattered
on the cold ground. While you walk home
from school, you realize it’s the coziest time of
the year. Most of us think of the comeback of
the warm pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks,
apple-scented candles, and pumpkin pie with
ice cream on top but some of us think about the
best time for fashion statements, trends, and
brands. As the fall unfolds let’s try to keep cozy
and stylish for school.
This year, we will encounter some unique
trends for this fall. Fall floral dresses and a nice
nude blanket scarf are a great combination for
this year’s trends. We will be seeing a lot of statement
chokers, metallic, extra-long sleeves, and
turtlenecks around school. Booties and knee high boots are a must, especially in any tan or
nude-color tone. As we saw in the summer with
the cutout-sleeve blouses trend, autumn times
call for cutout-sleeve sweaters are in everyone’s
shopping list. All these trends will keep you stylish
and ready for everyday school outfits that
you will wear through fall 2016.
Even though we follow trends, there are
some essential things that never go out of style.
For the chilly walks to school and back home I
recommend layering. A thin oversized sweater
under a flannel or a thick cardigan over a t-shirt
will surely keep you nice and toasty through the
day. Thick infinity or blanket scarves will keep
you from catching a cold and missing that very
important midterm. Beanies, fedoras, and floppy hats will make those outdoor activities much
more enjoyable. Remember to keep your toes
warm with knee high socks. These essentials
will make your outfits suitable for these cold
mornings and afternoons to come.
“I love fashion because it’s a way to express
myself,” said Susanna Watson (11). Fashion is a
way we express who we are, and it gives us confidence.
Fall is the best season for fashion, because
you get to be comfortable and confident
at the same time. Your style is unique just like
you, so keep in mind to believe in yourself with
whatever you wear. In this fall season of the
school year, let’s make fashion statements that
will give us confidence to stand out.