Boys Soccer Looks to Continue Success in the 2017 Season

By Bruno Puebla, Staff Writer

The 2016 spring sports season was a great one for the boys’ soccer team. Coming from a hard season in 2015, it truly is a great accomplishment and advancement for the soccer program. “There are so many things we need to consider about the 2016 season,” says soccer coach Mr.  Harrop. “ The whole team was great, everybody kept coming out for every practice, and even when we had to practice for two hours long, no one cried about it.” Truly the effort given by the players was something never seen before.  Although the practices seem to have been hard, the results given were a great reward for their hard work. Having won conferences and finishing as the runner-up in the state championship, it was a remarkable season that no one will forget. Coach Harrop says that diversity was one of the team’s strengths.  “The team was very diverse, having players from all grades come in and contribute. We had freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors, all playing together.” The team roster also shows that there wasn’t just a grade difference among the team, but also an ethnicity difference. The team had a good balance of different cultures, which brought different style of playing to the field. No matter how different the team members were they still were able to give a winning performance and become a family.  But the coach wasn’t the only one who had something to say about the 2016 season. Striker Vagner Marques (11) said, “Coming in last year, no one really believed that we would be able to win, not even the players.”  At the start of the season, the soccer team actually lost five games in a row.  But as Vagner pointed out, “It didn’t matter that we lost, ’cause we came back from hard practices, and we knew that we had to give it our all in every situation.” The hard work really paid off, since the team was able to win the following games and win the conference.  “There were a lot of names that came up when thinking about the 2016 season. Names like Emmanuel Vargas (11) who helped protect the goal, and the striking forces of Jorge Borrayo (12).” says Vagner.  Jorge also adds, “Players like Alhaji Bah (12) and Jacob Merkel (Class of ‘16) helped greatly in the midfield, along with Mohammad Zulkifey (Class of ’16).Overall the season was known to be one of the best ever–it truly is a season to remember.  By having great dedication and determination, everybody in the soccer program was able to achieve a rating of 8th best in the state.  The focus now is on the 2017 season, and many of the Falls Church fans are eager to see another magical season.  Tryouts will begin in only one month!