Ms. Kelly: FC Alum and Hard-Working Activities Director

By Omar Tamimi, Sports Editor

Many people know Ms. Kelly as the Director of Student Activities here at Falls Church High School but they don’t know the extent of what she does for the school. We got a chance to interview her and ask her some questions to find out more about what she does. She has been here at Falls Church as the Director of Student Activities since 2003, but before that she taught and coached here from 1990 to 1997. Also she is a Falls Church alumna. Ms. Kelly considers her job never dull because of the extent of it: student government, all after school programs, and especially the scheduling of space in the school for events held in places like the gyms and the fields. She also works with other schools in our conference and the VHSL for scheduling games, organizing meets, among other jobs. She works very closely with our custodial staff and our building manager. Ms. Kelly’s days are never the same, and most are very long because her job covers the school day as well as the activities after school. She makes sure our teachers and coaches both have what they need to keep the programs running. Ms. Kelly considers the after school period like a second day because she goes from working with all the teachers during the day to working with all the coaches after school because a lot of the coaches aren’t teachers here at Falls Church. She explained that the extracurricular activities are just as important as the academic part of the school day because the lessons and experiences the kids are doing are great for them down the road in their lives. Ms. Kelly’s favorite thing about Falls Church is the students and the diversity. She loves how respectful and appreciative everyone is, and they make her job worthwhile. Another one of her favorite things is seeing the students perform, whether it is in games, meets, plays, or competitions. Most of those opportunities are available because of the work that Student Activities does. Her least favorite thing is never really having a feeling of completion because when one sports season ends, another one starts right back up. She has to be ready for anything because she never knows what to expect.  For example, a snow day or after school activities being canceled would lead to her having to reschedule everything that was supposed to happen that day. She concluded our interview by saying she loves her job and hopes to keep making Falls Church a positive environment for everyone.