Bachelor of the Month: Jaden Pelham

By Jasmyne Singleton, News and Opinion Editor

Jaden is a freshman who is one of our POD classmates.  He’s pretty outgoing and loud, but also very kind.  He cares about animals and his friends a lot, and he’s in the process of looking for Mr. Right.  Here are some more details about him:
What is your full name? “Jaden Carmen Pelham.” What grade are you in? “I am in ninth grade.” How old are you? “I am fourteen years old.” Is there any hobby that you enjoy doing? “I really like to dance, I do it a lot at home and when I was younger. I also like doing step and walking my dog, Monkey.” What is your ideal type of man? “I would like him to be sweet, really funny, loving, caring and honest.” Are there turn-offs that you have? Things you would not appreciate your future boy doing? “I am very big on honesty, so if he isn’t honest with me, or rude”. Is there a certain way you want to meet? “I think it would be pretty cute if we met in school and we kind of bump into each other, or maybe just in the halls. I like those cute, yet cliché, moments like in the movies and books.”
Do you have plans for your ideal first date? “Going to the mall and watching a movie seems nice or maybe even going to an amusement park.” If you could describe your perfect wedding, what would it look like? “I would want a pink and red themed wedding at a cathedral in the spring or autumn.” Do you have a favorite football team?  If so then, who? “I’m not really into football, and sports in general, like that but if I had to pick a favorite then it would be the Steelers. My mom and dad usually cheered for them back when I was a kid, and now .” I see myself doing that when they play a game. What’s your favorite color? “I don’t have just one favorite color, but my favorite colors are red, pink, and blue.” Do you have a least favorite food? “I am really against eating broccoli and practically any vegetables. I rarely ask for them unless it’s a special occasion like Easter or my grandparents are around.” Any current and certain goals for your future? “I would want to be a hairstylist or a manny, which is a male nanny. I like kids enough but I really would want to be a hairstylist first. If I have to shoot big then it would be a doctor but that’s just a suggestion.”