Teacher Feature: Mr. Tripp

By Alex Bruning, Layout Artist

This issue’s Teacher Feature is on the legendary Mr. Tripp. He is a physics teacher and teaches AP Physics 1, AP Physics 2, and AP Physics C this year. Before becoming a teacher, Mr. Tripp received his undergraduate degree at Guilford College specializing in physics and math. He then attended University of Massachusetts Lowell were he got his master’s in education to become a teacher.

Fast forward from then and Mr. Tripp has been teaching for a total of 26 years; 12 of those years have been spent at Falls Church. Before coming here, Mr. Tripp taught 13 years at Herndon High School, and one year at South Lakes when he was a teacher assistant. Throughout all the years of his teaching, Mr. Tripp has always taught Physics. He’s taught Regular Physics, AP physics, Active Physics and really any kind of physics that you could think of.

When asked why he always taught Physics he simply responded, “I love Physics and I love teaching it to my students.”  Mr. Tripp’s passion for teaching is clearly expressed in how much effort he puts in to get all of his students to pass the class, and the AP exam. Mr.  Tripp is known around the school as one of those teachers that is always willing to stay late and help a student. Whether a student needs some extra help on a specific unit, or needs to do some test corrections, Mr. Tripp is always there.   In the class Mr. Tripp has an upbeat and enthusiastic personality that most students enjoy. As Kevin Truong (11) says, “I love how enthusiastic he is about his job, and how he works so hard with every one of his students.” When teaching, Mr. Tripp is able to make put a fun spin on many physics concepts. His teaching style allows for everyone to understand the content being taught. Jonathan Moore (11) says, “he makes it so that even a simple man could understand what is being taught.”

When Mr. Tripp is not working hard with his students he enjoys hiking with his wife. He and his wife actually have a goal of hiking 100 miles of the Appalachian Trail each year. He also dabbles in photography, often taking photos of all the beautiful places he has hiked. Mr. Tripp is one of the best teachers here at Falls Church and he truly deserves this issue’s Teacher Feature.