Too Much Music, Too Little Time

By Adam Ashley , Photo Editor


There is a huge variety of kids at Falls Church, and something that comes with that, is a ton of people listening to a ton of different music. Music can be great, as there is such a wide variety of music genres as well as a huge number of artists, bands, and musicians creating art every day. Having so many people coming from different backgrounds and different parts of the world means people have completely different viewpoints about music. The great thing about music, however, is that it is very subjective, and no one’s taste in music is necessarily “the best.” You may often hear people complaining about how their friend’s music taste “sucks,” or that they have the superior listening experience; quizzes and tests have sprouted up all over the Buzzfeed and Huffington Post, as well, that claim to sort you into a personality “clique” based on the music you listen to. The great thing is that music is something that anyone can appreciate, no matter what is coming through their headphones. But what is Falls Church listening to? The Jagwire asked kids what they were listening to, and why they liked that type of music. The wide variety was almost overwhelming, and the kids who answered were very proud of their choices. Many students immediately responded with “whatever is on the radio,” or “pop.” Some of the reasons were very different, though. Ella Newman (9) stated she liked it “because of the sound,” while Andrea Ducar (10), likes it because it’s what she grew up listening to. JoJo DiScipio (11) likes R&B because “it calms me and gives me spiritual grounding,” and Sarah Mack (9) says she liked to try listening to what her friends listen to, because she likes to relate to other people’s interests and give what they like a try. Some students also gave specific bands and albums. The Hamilton: An American Musical was a popular one, for example. Kimberly Eastridge (12) is into the band “Dead Man Bones,” as it features hit actor Ryan Gosling under the pseudonym “Baby Goose,” and Erin Poplin (11) listens to Jesse McCartney because “it brings back fond memories of my childhood.” Falls Church is a diverse school, and our music taste is definitely no exception to that.