Car of the Month: Max Miller’s 2010 Ford Escape XLT

By Joseph Kratz, Staff Writer

From unparalleled parking jobs, to following all traffic laws to a T, Max Miller (12) and his car are becoming a more and more recognizable pair in the school parking lot. Max has the exquisite opportunity to ride around in his very own 2010 Ford Escape XLT. The cool gray color easily compliments the mix of hard and soft lines that make up the body and exterior of the car. But don’t take this mild mannered, four-cylinder SUV for granted. The car gets 21 MPG in the city, and a whopping 28 on the highway, as well as a maximum towing capacity of 1,500 lbs.  Max took no qualms with immediately breaking in the car, squealing his way out of the lot moments after the purchase of his car. The car also boasts an impressive array of amenities, from AM/FM/XM radio, an AUX cord, stowing rear seats, and as every good car should have, a moon roof.  Even not having his car for very long, Max has begun to stockpile dozens of good stories from driving to and from school every day. One good story Max told was less so about his car, but rather about his plates. When he first bought his car and drove it off the lot, the dealership gave him his standard temporary plates as the DMV processed and made his permanent tags. But as the name might imply, the plates that Max had were only legal for a set amount of time. As the deadline drew closer and closer, and he had yet to receive his permanent plates,
Max began to worry. When the day finally came that his plates were no longer legal, Max had to borrow his Dad’s car to make his daily trip to school. But as Max sat at a red light thinking about his day ahead, he came to a startling realization. He did not have his student parking pass. The moment he came to this epiphany, the light turned green and he had a split second to decide what to do. He could either gamble, and go to school, and risk being towed, or he could try and make a run back home to get the tag that he had left in his car, and risk being late. As the cars in the other lanes began to pull into the intersection, he made a decision and, following all of the Virginia State traffic laws, made a rush home, grabbing his tag and getting back to school just in time.  As you can see, the dynamic duo of Max and his car are the textbook definition of a Falls Church Car of the Month!