Boys’ Bathrooms Should Be Better Cared For, Too

By Noah Sedmak, Staff Writer

At Falls Church High School there have been continuing reports about the cleanliness of school bathrooms. Many people have observed bathrooms that are not tidy. Kids at our school have gone out of their way to avoid going to certain bathrooms. Students will even walk to cleaner bathrooms that are farther away. One of the problems with the bathrooms at our school is the boys bathrooms smell terrible; it reeks in the bathroom near room 108, and this seems to be not because of the custodians lacking effort, but because the people who use the facilities do so carelessly. Anh Ha (11) commented, “Restrooms at Falls Church High School are unfortunately poorly maintained—and not because of poor jobs by custodians, but because of the Falls Church High School population. Males are just not doing a good job of cleaning up after themselves when they are done using the restrooms and making them a clean and sanitary place.” Anh also said, “I have personally seen various issues such as, vandalism of stalls, people breaking the towel dispensers and people poorly treating the water faucets. Also people have put used toilet paper in areas other than the toilet for the janitors to clean up.” Anh is just one of the many people that have complained about the poor maintenance of specifically the boys’ bathrooms.  Carson Hopkins (11) complained, “I always try to avoid the bathrooms in the history hallway that is upstairs, because it’s always crowded and smelly.” The boys’ bathrooms are so dirty and gross at our school, that personally I avoid using the bathroom unless it is an emergency. The cleanest bathrooms in the school are the ones nobody that nobody knows about or the ones nobody uses. One of the cleanest boys’ bathrooms that I have used, is the boys bathroom in the back of the school by the weight room. Also one of the other bathrooms that is the cleanest in the school is the bathroom in the gym lobby near the music rooms. This also a bathroom that is not as frequently used as the other bathrooms in the school. The boys’ bathrooms are in the condition that they are because of a lack of an effort to keep them clean on the part of the users. Gentlemen, we need to work harder to make our bathrooms a cleaner and more sanitary place