Paris Saint-Germain Crush Barcelona 4-0

Bruno Puebla, Staff Writer

When people hear February 14, they thing about Valentine’s Day. But this year, the soccer community has given it a new name; “ Champions League Tuesday”. This year the previous winners of the Champions league, Barcelona, went up against up and coming team, Paris Saint-Germain. (PSG for short.) A game anticipated to be one of the competitions greatest and interesting match, ended in something no one saw coming.

The starting line was the first major talk of the match. The starting line was focused on the inform Uruguayan international Cavani( PSG Forward). The striker has been tearing up the French league with amazing goal scoring record. Some argue that Cavani has been showing more of himself and his ability on the field ever since the striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic left PSG and arrived at Manchester United. In an earlier interview, Cavani was asked about how he thought about his Uruguayan friend Suarez, the striker in Barcelona. Cavani had a lot of positive things to say about him, adding that Suarez will no doubt bring some challenges to the defense. Besides Cavani and Suarez, all eyes were directed on the up and coming player; Draxler. The German International has seen a positive change in his soccer ability since his drafting from Vfl Wolfsburg.

As the game proceeded to start, the game began with an encouraging uproar. Every fan was watching what could be a decisive match to see if  last year’s Champions league winners, Barcelona will progress to the next round. But a foul on Draxler in the first half lead to a free kick opportunity for PSG. The kick was taken by the Argentina International, Di Maria, who finessed the shot to curve in an impossible angle for the goalkeeper to reach. The score now 1-0, many saw this as an opportunity for a great and passionate game. But on the 40th minute, PSG regained possession of the ball and made a counter attack, which finished in a goal. The score 2-0, many of the Barcelona fans began to look towards Messi ( Barcelona Striker) to save them.  But the goals didn’t stop, yet again Di Maria showed up to receive a pass and taking an ambitious shot that ended with a fantastic goal. Having two goals to his name, Di Maria quickly turned into the match’s hero for the PSG side. But the game quickly changed into a nightmare for the Barcelona fans. Cavani appeared in the 75th minute to put one in the back of the net.

Securing the game with a 4-0 win, PSG win the match crushing the ex champions. But will PSG be able to repeat their success in the away game at the Camp Nou, Barcelona’s home field? Or will Barcelona change the course of history once again and win against PSG in the away game? Comment down below on what you predict will happen.