3rd Quarter Preparation.

Rachel Opoku, Staff Writer

With just less than a month, the end of 3rd quarter is approaching faster each day, and it’s important that we prepare ourselves for major tests and some end of the quarter exams.

The first thing you should do before you start studying is to eliminate all your electronic devices because they can be a horrible distraction while you’re trying to study. After that is taken care of, one of many great techniques is to have a set schedule for yourself, and to set a certain time to study. Developing good study habits won’t be the easiest at first, but after a while, it’ll become easier to do. You can manage your time by balancing school, work, and any extra-curricular activities. Examples of balancing your school work include: studying for a math test for about one hour on a certain day, then studying for another class for about an hour on another day. Another thing to remember is to pace yourself and find the best speed for yourself to study because some classes will be naturally easy for you, but others may take time for you to adjust to.

Besides knowing how to study, it’s recommended that you get a good night sleep at night! You should always make enough time in your schedule to get enough sleep. This is important because studies have shown that sleep will positively impact test taking by improving your memory.

Overall, if you continue to study every day, it will improve your brain’s activity which will help you remember everything for upcoming tests and make you ace all your quarter finals and tests. Many students may not like to study, but its easier then what you think!