Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

Ashley Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Just when we thought that we have avoided a white Christmas and a snow-filled winter altogether, the forecast for this week has shown otherwise. This week, the majority of the eastern coast has been caught up in the midst of a snow storm. Throughout the entire winter season, hopeful students have crossed their fingers at one point or another, wishing for some snow. Some have taken it upon themselves to participate in making hashtags like #closefcps trend on social media. Most have dreaded the fact that we’ve had little to no snow days this year. By March 13, 2017, weather reports showed that snow would be headed our way, accumulating up to about 8 inches. Preparations of all sorts began as countless students, teachers, and parents tuned into the weather channel. Periods of rain and snow starting Monday night, and continuing all throughout Tuesday, were to be expected.

“I feel like the weather will definitely be closing FCPS down tomorrow and if it holds up it might last a couple days longer as well. I hope there is no school because I want a few extra hours of rest,” said Daniel Nguyen (9) on Monday night. Around 9PM that night, it was announced that all FCPS schools and offices would indeed be closed the following day. On the morning of March 14, reports indicated that we would receive an accumulation of 3 inches of snow at most.  Whether it’d be 3 or 8 inches of snow, many are extremely grateful for a whole day off.

“When I woke up in the morning and saw snow outside I was so happy and excited because it meant that I got to go sledding!” said Tracy Nguyen (9). Some people are seeing the day as an opportunity to enjoy every last bit of snow that they have longed for for so long. For those staying inside, a day off from school can mean getting to curl up under blankets and reading a good book that they’ve been meaning to get their hands on. For the most part, we are all thankful for the little taste of winter bliss they we have gotten a glimpse of this week!