Annual Science Fair Displays Students’ Research Talent

By Alexus Reed, Online Editor

This year the school held
its Science Fair on Tuesday, January
24 and Wednesday, January 25.
The annual event is organized by
Ms. Sokol, and working together
with the other members of the science
department, the science faculty
acts as the judges for the competition,
along with a few other
outside non-FCHS-based judges.

The FCHS Science Fair is
a 21-year-old tradition that began
because Ms. Napoliello’s (English
teacher) husband asked why we
didn’t have a science fair. Many
honors-class students enter the
competition, but the science teachers
encourage everyone to join. It
is a great opportunity for everyone
who loves science to have a chance
to actually feel like real scientists.
It’s also a great opportunity to
meet professionals.

Ms. Sokol said that thinking
back on previous years she
loves how honest everyone is with
themselves. For example if                                                                                                                                                                   they didn’t get a point for a certain category
they were honest and didn’t
claim they got the points when
they really did not get them. It
also takes a lot of effort to get the
word out as much as possible and
to a lot of people, so the PTSA really
helped a lot with that, mainly
helping set up the Little Theatre, as
well as arranging to bring in judges.
“It takes a long time to set up,
but it is worth it,” says Ms. Sokol.

Winners receive prizes that
include a chance to move on to regionals,
as well as book awards,
prize money and a chance to win
scholarships. If this sounds like
something you are interested in,
please join next year—they would
love to have more people, and it is
definitely a great and wonderful
opportunity for everyone.
The judges were very impressed
with this year’s entries, and
the winners are mentioned below.
Congratulations to everyone who
won and great job!

Biological Sciences
-Phuong Do: How Does Salt Effect the Amount of DNA
-Zain Abid and Jennifer Flores: The Amount of lactose
carbohydrates in different types of milk
Earth, Energy, and Environmental Sciences
-Maria Morris and Casey Nguyen; The Effect of Oil
Spills on Aquatic Life
Engineering and Material Science
-Colin Page and William Garcia; The Effect of Material
on Sound Reduction
Physics and Astronomy
-Madeline Ivey, Nithya Chaudhari, and Elizabeth
Mensah: The Effect of Gelatin Concentration on Angle
of Light Refraction
Plant Sciences
-Andrea Ducar: How does aspirin affect plant growth?