The Delegitimization of Donald Trump

Joe Mack, Layout Artist

In the past few weeks especially, whenever I’d turn on the news (whether it was CNN, MSNBC, or Fox), the center of focus would often be solely placed on the issue concerning the Russian hacking of the United States 2016 election. The media and influential politicians alike have stated that the Russians interfered with the elections so heavily, that it allowed Donald Trump to win the election. Some have even accused Trump of collusion between his administration and the Russians during his campaign. While these claims are worrisome, as any nation interfering with the democratic process of our elections should be condemned, the fact that the accused nation is Russia only amplifies the issue in the eyes of the American people. After all, this was the same nation commonly referred to as our biggest nemesis during the Cold War.

I believe, however, that the media coverage of this issue has become gratuitous. This is because the claims stated provide insufficient evidence that there was direct Russian interference in our nation’s electoral process.

Yes, there was a hacking of John Podesta’s emails, which were inevitably leaked out to the general public, but we are not certain of which nation these hackers reside in, and if that nation’s government validated the hackers or not. It can only be assumed that a powerful nation, such as Russia, was not responsible for these hacks, judging by the technique used by the hackers. Phishing, a method of hacking in which an email is sent asking the recipient to change their username and password so the hackers can in turn seize control of the account, was used to trick Podesta (

That has been the only evidence of hacking seen during the 2016 elections, and we don’t even know who did the hacking. It surprises me that the media would go to such great lengths to try to blame a whole country for a single candidate’s misfortune, but then again, some of Clinton’s biggest donors during the election are the owners of said news networks. It has become apparent to me, as this Russia controversy continues to develop with this lack of evidence, that the Democrats and the media are making Russia the scapegoat for Hillary’s defeat (not her poorly run campaign, incorrect polls, pandering to celebrities over common people, etc). This can only harm the Democratic Party in the long term, because as long as they refuse to acknowledge mistakes made in the past, and switch focus to the needs and desires of the American people, they won’t be able to beat Trump next election cycle.

My biggest issue with what has been brought about from this fabricated story, however, is the ample rhetoric calling for the impeachment of Trump. Regardless of your own personal feelings on the president, he won the election fair and square. To call to question his legitimacy as the leader of this country, based off of assumptions alone, does a grave disservice to the political system that this country has run off for well over 200 years.

This is not me saying that authority shouldn’t be questioned in all circumstances, but rather, I believe that evidence is necessary when such massive accusations are being made. The impeachment of Nixon was valid because there was substantial evidence presented that showed his involvement in the Watergate scandal; this is not the case with Trump and Russia.

If what people seek is to harm Trump, they should focus more on attacking his numerous policy debacles (such as the Muslim ban, health care issues, etc.), instead of these stories of the Russian hacking.